In Today’s Trouw

Journalist Jan-Albert Hootsen traveled to Panama last week, and he took some time out of his busy schedule to interview Okke Ornstein at Renacer Prison in Gamboa. Hootsen’s piece about Ornstein’s situation was published in Trouw, a widely read newspaper in the Netherlands.

As Hootsen’s piece points out, Ornstein’s lawyer has resolved the Visser case by getting it re-converted into a fine. The lawyer  is now working on the possibility of converting the other conviction into a fine. While paying a fine lends the impression of guilt, we will do what it takes to free Ornstein in the immediate term. Once he’s out, he can pursue the matter through a higher court system.

Please read Hootsen’s excellent article for Trouw, free on Blendle (it’s in Dutch).

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